Rights & Responsibilities

rights and responsibilities

On 1 July 2019, the Australian Government introduced a new Charter of Aged Care Rights.  The new Charter provides the same rights to all consumers, regardless of the type of Australian Government funded care and services they receive.  The new Charter makes it easier for consumers, their families, carers and representatives to understand what they can expect from an aged care service.  We will discuss this document with you prior to any services being completed.

We want to provide a quality service to you and all our clients and your rights include:

  • clear information about what Home Assist Secure can do for you
  • pleasant, reliable and punctual service
  • dignified, courteous and respectful treatment
  • keeping your information confidential and private
  • fair and honest treatment
  • having a say about the services you receive and being able to refuse a service without being disadvantaged with future services
  • information about other local community services
  • the right to make a formal complaint if necessary and receive an answer which is confidential and private

We consider all our clients as partners in providing an efficient and effective service. When receiving our services we expect you to:

  • let us know, in advance, if you cannot be home at the time arranged
  • treat staff with dignity, courtesy and respect
  • pay the agreed amount for our services where required

How do we ensure your privacy and confidentiality is maintained?

We value our clients’ privacy and confidentiality and state:

  • all information requested by this service is requested to enable our staff to assist you as a client
  • all information gathered is kept in your client file for future reference if required
  • you may access this information at any time the office is open
  • this information is totally confidential and kept in a safe and secure manner
  • information will not be used for any other purpose and will only be given to a third party with your consent or if required by law