How do we prioritise our work?

We take great pride in the delivery of prompt and efficient services by our qualified staff and outside trade persons to assist you maintain an independent lifestyle in the community.

All jobs are important to us however, because there is a huge demand on our services, jobs are prioritized in accordance with health, safety, security and general maintenance as stated:how do we prioritise our workthe staff member taking the initial service request will ask a series of questions so they can determine what priority to allocate to the service

  • the service request is entered into our data base and a worksheet is printed and handed to a field officer
  • services that normally require a ‘same day response’ are listed below. All requests for these services are conveyed to a field officer by phone-

– Smoke alarm batteries
– Premises that cannot be secured over night
– Taps that cannot be turned off
– Light bulb replacements
– A problem that prevents speedy and safe egress from the home

  • URGENT’ is printed on all work sheets for service requests that do not require a same day response but should be completed within 48 hours
  • all other service requests are responded to in order of date of request except where an eligible person has received the maximum subsidy and wishes to pay the full costs (labour and materials) for work requested. Allocation of these requests must take into account the person’s safety, health and security and having regard for the demand for assistance from other eligible persons
  • minor Modifications are completed in order of priority requested by the Occupational Therapists
    – Urgent within 5 working days
    – Moderate within 15 working days
    – Non-urgent within 25 working days
  • any minor modifications requiring immediate response will be referred by telephone from the Occupational Therapist