Home maintenance refers to assistance with fixing or repairing the home to keep the home in a safe and habitable condition. Please remember that our guidelines all revolve around your health, safety and security. We are not permitted to assist with beautification, renovations or painting. Some of the work we can assist with either through a subsidy or completed by our field officers is –

PLUMBINGplumbing repairs home assist services

  • tap repairs e.g. reseat/rewasher taps, replace broken taps
  • install quarter turn or lever hand taps
  • toilet repairs (only dual flush cisterns can be repaired)
  • minor guttering maintenance and repairs
  • blocked drains


  • install new smoke alarms with either photoelectric or lithium batteries, or hard wired
  • replace battery in smoke alarm
  • clean smoke alarm


  • Our Servicesrepair/replace hand rails and treads


  • repair windows and doors that are difficult to open and close
  • replace rollers on sliding door
  • repair/replace door handles
  • repair/replace locks
  • repair mesh on security screen doors/windows


  • replace light bulbs
  • repair floor coverings that are a trip hazard
  • repair/replace towel rails
  • repair cupboard doors and hinges
  • clean ceiling fans
  • small rubbish removals (small trailer)