Home Security Hints


  • install reliable triple locked security screen doors on external entrances and keep them locked
  • door hinges should be mounted so that pins cannot be removed
  • fit deadlocks on all external doors
  • never open your security door to anyone you do not know
  • never leave notes that indicate your absence
  • do not hide your door key, either install a key safe or take the key with you
  • never put your name and address on your key ring

WINDOWSHome Security tips

  • fit window locks or stops on all windows and ensure they are keyed alike
  • locks should be of the type that cannot be opened if glass is broken
  • close blinds and drapes at night so that it is not apparent that you are alone
  • fit security screens if possible but ensure there is access from the bedroom window


  • if you install an alarm system, use transfers or stickers to show that it exists
  • test your alarm regularly
  • keep a key to the system in the key safe for access by emergency services


  • lock all garage doors and windows at night
  • lock ladders and tools inside garage as they may be used to gain entry to your home
  • be observant of strangers lingering near your home and call police if necessary
  • if your home appears to have been burglarised or you disturb intruders call police immediately and never enter the premises alone


  • ask for identification from unknown service callers e.g. tradesmen, delivery people etc.
  • if they cannot provide identification and you are in doubt do not let them in and call police or the company they represent
  • beware of strangers knocking on the door asking for directions and if you see them knocking on other doors call the police


  • mark your valuables for easy identification by the police
  • valuable jewelry should be photographed in colour
  • complete an inventory list of all valuables by make, model and serial number
  • do not leave money or valuables in the open
  • consider installing a reliable safe


  • check that all windows and doors are locked
  • have a time clock to switch on some lights at night
  • cancel all deliveries e.g. papers, milk etc
  • ask the post office to hold your mail if absence is for several weeks
  • arrange for garden and lawn to be maintained in your absence
  • have rubbish bins put out and returned by a neighbor
  • ask family or friends to enter house regularly and rearrange curtains, blinds etc.
  • inform neighbours and ask them to keep an eye on your home and clear the mail box