What do you think about the service?

We like to know what you think about the services we provide and we encourage you to contact us when you have any compliments, complaints or concerns about our service.  We will treat all enquiries in the strictest of confidence. If you wish, you may use a friend, relative, advocate or an interpreter to help you.  Sandgate Home Assist Secure has adopted the following steps to resolve any issues that may arise :


The complainant may lodge a complaint either verbally or in written form. Complaints can be lodged in person, by telephone, by post or by electronic means i.e. fax or email.  The complaint can also be lodged by the client concerned, friend, relative, interpreter, legal attorney, carer or an advocate.
All details of the complaint will be fully documented and the complaint will be kept private and confidential between the organisation and the complainant.

STEP 2feedback home assist services

The Manager will investigate the complaint by visiting the client at their home, if this is necessary.   At this stage every effort will be made to resolve the issue to the full satisfaction of the complainant.
All details of the investigation/resolution will be fully documented.


If the issue cannot be resolved to their full satisfaction, the complainant will be asked to put the complaint in writing if original complaint was made verbally.  The complaint and a detail of all investigations will then be presented to the members of the Management Committee for resolution. The Chairperson or his/her nominee will further investigate the issue and report back to the Committee.
At this stage every effort must be made to resolve the issue to the full satisfaction of the complainant.


If the issue cannot be resolved it will be referred to the Department of Housing & Public Works for Home Assist Secure clients or the Department of Health for CHSP clients.  A full report and a copy of the complaint will be sent to the Department for their investigation.

Advocacy can help to create a level playing field by supporting older people, people with a disability and their carers to be heard. An advocate provides support by working with you, solely on your behalf and at your direction. ADA Australia is a not-for-profit community based statewide advocacy service funded to provide information, education, support and representation to enable people to understand and exercise their rights and their responsibilities.

Contact details are –
ADA Australia
121 Copperfield Street, Geebung Qld 4034
Telephone: 3637 6000 – free call 1800 818 338