Falls Prevention

Your health and safety is of major concern to us. Please stop and consider possible consequences before you climb up to fix anything.

We can help you with minor maintenance and minor modification jobs that will assist you in reducing the falls risk in and around your home. Some of these jobs are –

  • Changing light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries
  • Install hand rails to stairs, repair stair treads and install anti slip strips to steps
  • Install grab rails FALL PREVENTION
  • Install safety lighting over stairs or in dark hall ways
  • Install extra power points to clear walkways of power cords in your home and work shed
  • Repair broken paths and steps in your yard


If you live alone, away from family or close friends, are a victim of domestic violence or live in an area with high crime rate you may consider a medical alarm monitoring service.  With a relatively inexpensive initial set up cost and a small monthly monitoring fee you can be assured that when you activate that pendant someone will always respond.   Contact details the office on 07 3869 1000 for more details.